To The Moon And Never Back

Strategic Communication

We assist companies in developing their communication strategies by taking a comprehensive look at their business operations. Our approach ensures that companies receive support in their communications, both internally and externally. Additionally, we offer services and tools designed to help companies progress in alignment with their strategic goals.

Public Relations

Moon Shooters specializes in strategic public relations; we craft a tailored PR plan for each client, pinpointing the most effective communication channels. Our expertise is the result of over 15 years of experience across various media, and deep involvement in marketing, branding, and communication.

Digital- and Social Media Marketing

We provide custom-designed plans that pave the way for success in the realm of social media. Recognizing digital communication as a crucial component of effective communication, we leverage our expertise to assist our clients in crafting a solid strategy. Our support extends to the finer details, including managing clients’ social media accounts and constructing effective social media campaigns.

Personal branding

We guide in identifying a core message and establishing a strong brand and reputation that reflects the genuine and authentic self. Leveraging our expertise, it’s possible to fortify a personal brand, making it robust and reliable. This foundation enables to connect with individuals who can support in making significant strides in life and career.


We devise innovative concepts for press conferences, product launches, or customer events. Leveraging our expertise, we ensure that the right people attend, the message is effectively communicated, and the event remains memorable.
“I am convinced that excellent communication can elevate your business and personal performance to new heights. Inspiring, game-changing communication, PR, and branding are crafted through a blend of knowledge, experience, and robust intuition—this is the cornerstone upon which Moon Shooters stands. Together, let’s set our sights higher.” Heli Thorén, founder of Moon Shooters
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